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When we began Peak Performers, we wanted to build a dental staffing firm that could provide simple dental staffing solutions to dentistry’s most complex problems. Ever since, we’ve been growing our expertise in dentistry’s finest practices, from building Michigan’s largest network of dental talent to consulting in management and helping dental practices successfully transition their services.

In our time staffing Michigan’s dental practices we’ve learned how the issues affecting dentistry are complex, but can be overcome by providing simple solutions – like the right candidate, the right fit, right when you need them. We’ve built Peak on the idea that we can best serve dental practices by helping dentists help their patients and staff.

By creating healthy practices in their office our clients are able to provide the very best care for their community. By helping our dental talent in continuing education, we are able to create the most knowledgeable, skilled community of dental professionals in the upper Midwest. By helping our clients nurture and develop a growing, healthy practice we can help create more patient demand that has a compounding effect of building more demand.

Get to know us and you will see we are a tight team who like to keep it light around the office. We love a good joke (life is too short to be miserable). That’s what makes us Peak – for our clients, the communities, and beyond!


It’s easy to get caught up in the details and the complexity of issues facing dentistry these days. We get it – your patients are depending on you to provide exceptional care with flawless precision. It’s only natural to assume the solution should be equally as complex as the issues affecting your patients. But that is not what we found. Rather than waste our client’s time and money to create elaborate solutions for their dental staffing needs, we provide a singular service – the right talent. With a key placement – properly vetted and artfully paired to the opening – we can accomplish great things! How do we do it? We believe in educating our candidates and giving them the tools they need to advance in their careers. We grow together: our talent and your practice, advancing the profession of dentistry with Peak.

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To help top level dental practices grow and thrive by pairing our dentists and support staff with a key recruiting strategy for success. while empowering our network of dental talent with the tools they need to grow in their careers. Ultimately we want to enhance your quality of life.



To ensure every dentist and dental practice has the talented staff they need to provide the very best care to their patients and our communities.



We began our dental staffing firm to provide simple, clear solutions to dentistry’s persistent and complex issues – to staff Michigan’s dental practices with the very best talent, and to help dental practices to grow and thrive while reducing the headaches of human resources.

We work every day to provide the highest quality of personnel, products and services to the finest organizations within dentistry, continuously setting the industry standard for innovation and service.

I felt supported and highly valued while at Peak Performers
Chandra G.

I really enjoyed my time at Peak Performers. The hours were very flexible. They were so supportive, understanding, and willing to adjust my schedule when I had a family member in Hospice care. They have always made time for me, even after hours answering any questions I had when they helped me find my new job. Peak was able to get a contract with my new employer with which I was happy. I felt supported and highly valued while at Peak Performers.

dependable and courteous
Linda B.

I highly recommend Peak. They only offer the best of care and services to the dental profession. They are dependable and courteous and will take care of all your needs. The staff is outstanding and competent in helping you with your situation at hand. Do not hesitate to contact Peak for career assistance, you will not be dissatisfied!

Choosing Peak Performers was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made
Dr. Rick D.

I sold my practice in January 2021 and chose to provide Locum Tenens services through Peak Performers for the remainder of the year. Choosing Peak Performers was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Brigitte has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has kept me as busy as I wanted to be and arranged for me to work in several high-quality offices. She is honest and reliable and has treated me extremely fairly. I strongly encourage anyone considering Locum Tenens work to choose Peak Performers. You will not be sorry!

Peak Performers was able to customized their consulting services to fit the needs of my practice
Robert R., DDS, MS

Working with Peak Performers has allowed our practice to grow in smooth transition. With Peak, we determined the practice goals, identified and tracked critical numbers, and developed and instituted a marketing plan with prioritized strategies. In addition, Peak has kept our practice employee systems up to date. In short, Peak Performers was able to customize their consulting services to fit the needs of my practice.

Peak gave me the flexible schedule that I needed
Lisa M., DDS

I have always loved dentistry and interacting with patients. When I sold my practice in New Orleans and moved to Michigan, Peak gave me the flexible schedule that I needed while raising my 2 children. Not being a native Michigander, Peak also allowed me to familiarize myself with the state and people of Michigan. Peak has allowed me to spend time doing the things I love – spending time with my family and providing quality care dentistry in pleasant environments.

I’m enjoying life more and working less thanks to Peak Performers
Dr. Jim G.

Last year with the help of Peak Practice Transitions, I was able to successfully (sell) merge my practice. With PPT’s organized approach and attention to detail, everything fell into place at the right time. I’m now working for a great guy (the new owner) and I still get to see those wonderful patients who have been coming to me for over 30 years! I’m enjoying life more and working less.

the practice would not have been as intact as it is without your help
Linda A.

Thank you so much for doing your best to keep a dentist in the office since the death of my late husband. Both Dr. Betz and Dr. Maki were well liked by both patients and staff and fit in well in the office. I feel very fortunate to have had both. Due to the service of Peak Performers, the office was able to keep open and running until the sale. I am not aware that we have lost many patients during this seven-month transition period; a lot of the credit for this is due to the availability of staff from your company. I am sure that the practice would not have been as intact as it is without your help. Thank you so much for your kindness and help during this most difficult period. I would gladly recommend your company to anyone.

I thoroughly recommend your services to any practice that doesn’t have a full-time legal department
Mitchell M., DDS

I want to thank you for the service you have provided me over the past few years. As an owner-dentist, I have concluded that certain aspects of managing a practice simply could not be done properly by my office staff or myself. In today’s complex legal world, there is simply no way I could properly manage employment issues such as proper hiring and firing and employee manuals. Your service has alleviated the challenge of properly informing my employees of my office policies. It is surprising how often topics come up that we would not have answers if it were not for our employee manual. It is a great service to me and my employees – truly a win/win. In addition, your series of forms and contracts have given me peace of mind that I am making the right decisions and complying with the ever-changing laws. Most of all, you and your well-informed staff have answered difficult questions when challenging issues have come up. Thank you for your help as a “partner” in my practice. I thoroughly recommend your services to any practice that doesn’t have a full-time legal department.

I hope to continue to work for Peak Performers
Sondra G., DDS, MS

My experience with Peak Performers has been very good, even better than I anticipated. Some of the things that I appreciate are having my schedule quite far in advance. After I informed Phil Stark of my situation, he worked around it. Often, I have worked in the same office for long periods, which I especially like because of the relationships developed with the staff and patients. This is one of the aspects of orthodontics that I missed although it is rather pleasant not being responsible for the practice. Not filling quarterly reports is something I will never miss. I hope to continue to work for Peak Performers. All in all, it has been a positive experience.

Brigitte is my go-to gal and she always make sure I am taken care of
Katie S., RDH

I have worked for Peak for about five years now and I have worked with Brigitte for about four of those years. Brigitte is my go-to gal and she always make sure I am taken care of. She is personally and professionally a wonderful person and I would highly recommend Peak.

reliable and work hard to fill our needs
David P., DDS

I have used Peak Performers for over 10 years. They had always been very friendly and professional. They are reliable and work hard to fill our needs.

first-class dental recruitment company
Arthur L., DDS

Hats off to Peak Performers! Being a semi-retired dentist, I have relied on Peak to supplement my income. Working with their recruiters, I have had the fortunate opportunity to help offices throughout the state of Michigan. They are well aware of my dental capabilities, likes and dislikes of procedures, and use this information to obtain assignments. Ruth, Peak’s Financial Coordinator, sees to it the provider is paid on time. Peak Performers is a first-class dental recruitment company.

always has extremely qualified help for last-minute substitutes or long-term assignments
Julie M.

We have been a client of Peak Performers for many years. They have always had extremely qualified help for last-minute substitutes or long-term assignments. Peak has been so helpful during these challenging times, and we don’t know how we could have continued working without their help.

Variety & Flexibility is what makes working for Peak Performers So Great
Tina K., RDH

If you love a schedule that you get to choose, and wonderful people to work with – give Peak a call. You get a chance to work with many types of equipment and in many different locations. The flexibility made it easy for me to work around my children’s schedule and fill in days when I wanted more hours.

The Staff is consistently gracious and helpful
Erin C., RDH

I have been more than happy during my employment with Peak Performers! The staff is consistently gracious and helpful, and I have never felt pressured to continue an assignment that I wasn’t comfortable with. I have had a long working relationship with Ruth through the years and count her as one of my “Golden” colleagues. Thank you, Peak!

We hire for three specific areas to ensure a perfect fit for the skills and background needed for these highly specialized areas. Take your dental clinic practice to the next level by partnering with Peak. Get your office running at top capacity with specialized talent who has the technical expertise in the practice area you need, right when you need it.

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Owners and Administrators rely on us to provide the best dental staffing in the industry because we are committed to service, excellence and helping the dental profession thrive.

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