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4 Ways to Recruit New Talent from Dental Schools

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Hiring new talent for a dental practice is often a race to scoop up the best candidates before other practices get them first. Many practices tend to hire the traditional way, focusing on those who have worked professionally and have completed their education; they allow candidates to come to them, they post job listings, and they hope for the best. New methods allow you to hire qualified talent fresh out of the box. A dental professional is most hungry for gainful employment right out of school since they are ready to commit to the career they spent so long learning. Finding effective methods to attract these professionals can be vital and help you get ahead of the hiring curve. We have several tips you can use to find budding dental talent.

#1: Use Social Media

Most modern professionals have a social media presence that they use with varying levels of intensity. So, when hiring graduates fresh from school, using this social media presence in the recruiting process can be an excellent way to stake your claim early. While there are social media websites specifically designed for recruiting talent, such as LinkedIn, you can also take advantage of standard social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram for recruiting. These platforms can make it much easier to contact newly anointed professionals while also gaining insight into their personalities.

#2: Use Networking Events

Networking events have gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a way to attract new talent looking for every possible opportunity to find employment. Networking events – social events organized by dental schools, hygiene programs, and even study clubs – can be a highly effective draw for these professionals while giving your recruitment specialists face-to-face interaction with them from the jump. Networking events remain a niche avenue and will have varying results, but they can be an excellent way to boost numbers for recruitment efforts.

#3: Create Internship Programs

Perhaps one of the most efficient methods to determine whether a student can work effectively in your practice once they graduate is to offer internships. Internships will allow students to get firsthand experience working in a professional dental environment before graduation and will allow you to experience their work ethic as well. Internships come in a wide variety and can even integrate the intern to your practice and make you the first stop on their journey for full-time employment after graduating.

#4: Use Recruiting Services

Sometimes, the most effective solution is the easiest one. Rather than looking for the candidates yourself, using a recruiter can lead to the best fresh professionals without you having to do the searching. The best recruiters will extensively vet the candidates, and most new professionals will look towards recruiters to find all possible options that suit their qualifications. When you contract a recruiter, they will evaluate the candidates and pass them along to you for review if you have an open position that matches their qualifications.

Wrapping Up

The dental field requires fresh professionals to ensure the highest quality of care possible. However, making sure the cream of the crop is who you are recruiting can be a challenging endeavor when dealing with fresh graduates. Using all the tactics available to you can maximize the odds of finding the ideal candidate for the role, but you should use the option that best suits the resources you have on hand.

If you have decided to use the recruitment option, we can help. At Peak Performers, we have made it our mission to identify and field dental professionals across the country. So, if you are looking to get fresh dental recruits operating in your practice as soon as possible, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the process of recruiting, contact us to help you reach your Peak.

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