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How to Ask for an Extension on a Job Offer

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How to Ask for an Extension on a Job Offer

Of all the problems that can arise during a job search in the dental industry, having an offer in hand may not seem like a problem to have.  

Still, many job seekers find themselves in a predicament where they are offered a position but need more time to consider the offer. This can be especially crucial when negotiating a salary, comparing multiple offers, or being caught off-guard by a current employer’s counteroffer.  

The key is to balance urgency with taking enough time to consider your options thoroughly. After all, it’s a big decision. For anyone who needs to know how to ask for an extension on a job offer, we hope you find this blog helpful during this crucial moment in your career.  

Comparing the Offer 

This might be one of the most challenging decisions job seekers must make in their search, if only because of how difficult it can be to juggle hypothetical scenarios. 

Hopefully, you will have as much information as possible from each employer during the interview process. But even with all the information you need, it can be challenging to compare two different job offers. There are many things to consider:  

  • The salaries 
  • The commutes
  • The work environments 
  • Any red flags that came up in interviews 
  • The roles and various responsibilities  

Essentially, you’re pitting one hypothetical situation against another. But the fact is, unless any striking differences tip the scales to one role over another, it may not be a good idea to postpone your decision. Remember, asking for an extension on a job offer is no small matter and should only be reserved for extreme circumstances.  

Considering a Counteroffer from Your Current Employer 

Many employers who are about to lose an employee will suddenly find themselves in a tight spot. That is especially true for smaller practices that rely heavily on their employees to do highly specialized jobs. So, it makes sense they’d scramble to extend a counteroffer to avoid disrupting to their business. 

This is probably one of the only clear-cut scenarios in which we’d recommend against asking for an extension to a job offer. Here’s why: 

Counteroffers Are Almost Always Short-Term 

The cat’s out of the bag. Your employer knows you want to move on, and their primary concern is to protect their best interests. As a result, their counteroffer is often a stopgap to ensure no disruption to their practice and their ability to provide service to patients. But most likely, your employer will begin looking for your replacement, whether you accept their counteroffer or not.  

What Led You to Look for Another Position in the First Place?  

The chances are, should you accept a counteroffer, those conditions are not going to change. If you think about it, taking a counteroffer gives employers less incentive to change what made you unhappy about the workplace in the first place. Essentially, they were able to throw money at the problem rather than fix the problem. 

Your Current Employer Was Underpaying You 

Suppose your soon-to-be-former employer could so readily offer you a higher salary as a counteroffer. In that case, that means they’ve been content to underpay you and, by proxy, undervalue your services and expertise. Carefully consider if that is the kind of employer you want to continue working with. 

How to Ask for an Extension on Your Job Offer 

It is important to note that it’s okay if you need more time to consider the offer. But also, remember you could be throwing a wrench into what could otherwise be a smooth recruiting experience.  

So, when asking for an extension on your job offer, it is best to be: 

  • Clear about your intentions 
  • As immediate as possible 
  • Polite in your request 
  • Provide a date by which you intend to have made up your mind 

When there’s an offer on the table, it’s bad manners to be disrespectful and attempt to throw around your weight, no matter how in need of a dental professional your prospective employer may be.   

If you’re considering another offer, it’s best to avoid pitting one employer’s offer against another’s. Rather, be clear and upfront about your needs. Stand up for what’s right for you. And don’t be afraid to ask for it.  

Work with Peak Performers to Help Coach You Through Difficult Decisions 

Decisions like these shouldn’t be made lightly. Most often, it’s best to have an advocate during your job search with whom you can discuss these difficult decisions.  

As longtime recruiters for the dental industry in Michigan, we’ve helped to guide countless job seekers through their most difficult decisions. If you’re looking for guidance on how to secure your dream career, contact Peak Performers today.  

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