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Making the Case for a Slower Interview Process

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The case for a slower interview process

Our recently published blog captured a pivotal moment in many interviews: the need for an extension on a job offer. Of course, there are several reasons why job seekers would need just a little more time to consider their next move. But what about employers? 

Here, we’ll dive into what many employers fear could upend an interview and turn away a perfectly qualified candidate. It turns out this is much more common than you might think, even in a job market that is moving at an astounding pace.  

Not only is there a strong case to be made for adding a little extra time to your interview process, but we have a key pointer to help guide your next new hire through a process that feels just right and benefits both parties.   

Your Interview Process at a Pace That’s Right for You 

Dental employers will often encounter candidates who present themselves professionally, have great references and by all appearances, seem ideal. For many practices in Michigan’s dental job market—which is (to put it modestly) competitive—finding such a candidate might seem like a slam dunk.  

But almost always, employers want to slow down and thoroughly consider their next hire. Can your dental practice afford to hesitate even one moment in such a competitive market? 

The short answer is yes. It’s only natural for the employer and the candidate to take the proper time to make a sound long-term decision. Additionally, while it should be informed by and reflect the competitive reality of the current job market, your interview process should never be held hostage by a rush to hire. 

Done correctly and for the right reasons, there is much to gain from conducting a slower interview process. 

Why the “Why” of a Slower Interview Process is so Important 

Before we discuss the benefits of a slower interview process, it’s important to understand why.   

Do you need to take more time to interview because: 

  • you don’t like making big decisions, so you put them off? 
  • you’re easily distracted? 
  • conducting interviews is hard and a hassle?
  • you’re on vacation?
  • as the employer, you’re the most important party, so you’ll interview at whatever pace you want? 

 If any of these sounds like you or your practice, your interview process could be turning off viable candidates. Further, in our digitized and highly connected world, an unnecessarily slow interview process could damage your employer brand among Michigan’s close-knit and connected community of dental professionals. 

Here is a good rule of thumb: taking more time in your interview process is fine and highly common if it’s done for the right reasons. 

If your goal in taking your time is to avoid an improper fit by properly vetting your candidate and making certain you are right for each other, then you should indeed take a little more time to ensure you’re not wasting someone else’s.  

But how? 

Communication: Your Key to a Slower Interview Process 

The most successful dental employers understand the relationship between the needs of their candidates and the ideal pace and substance of their practice’s interview strategy. One depends on and is affected by the other.  

During our years of recruiting for Michigan’s dental practices, we’ve found that a top need, if not the top thing job seekers are looking for during an interview process, is clear and timely communication. In terms of the substance of what they need to know, the spectrum is wide. You can expect questions on everything from: 

  • the candidate’s status in the interview process 
  • next steps 
  • the culture of your practice 
  • benefits and compensation
  • whether they’ll have room to grow their career in your practice
  • on-the-job opportunities to expand their skill set
  • and much more! 

 In terms of timeliness, however, job seekers want answers to their questions immediately. 

 If that sounds like too much to ask, here is our hot take on why hiring managers should indulge their candidate’s need for frequent and timely communication.  

  1. There’s no good excuse, especially in this job market, to drag your feet in providing your candidate with updates and developments throughout their interview. 
  2. If you need to pump the brakes and take more time to really consider your candidate’s credentials and fit, timely communication is your ticket. 

Remember, providing frequent and timely communication does not mean you have to make a hasty decision. Quite the opposite is true, in fact. Employers who extend the respect and consideration of communication can buy themselves the valuable extra time they need. 

Work With Peak Performers 

Peak Performers are longtime recruiters for Michigan’s dental industry. We’ve been a guide for many practices in sourcing and recruiting their most valuable employees. 

As an advocate for job seekers and employers, we guide both parties in preparing for and running an interview process that works for everyone. If you need a partner who can help you conduct interviews that yield the best results, contact Peak Performers today.  

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