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Tired of Searching for “Dental Hygienists Near Me?” Try This Instead!

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Staffing your dental practice can be difficult when the talent you need seems non-existent. The “near me” category of searching is an old-fashioned technique that forces you to settle for whatever talent is nearby even if they are not very qualified. Unfortunately, many employers and dental practices are unaware that hiring methods have evolved and can help specify what you are looking for in a professional. You can even seek out employees strictly by the role you want them to fill. The key to this success over generic hiring search terms is reaching out to a staffing agency.

If you are tired of constantly being on the hunt for a new dental hygienist, you simply need to ask yourself two questions.

Where Did They Go?

The biggest issue with searching for “dental hygienists near me” is that it only works if there is available professional talent within your area.

Unfortunately, the dental industry saw a severe decline in the number of dental hygienists as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a survey by RDH, the shutdown from the pandemic decimated the ranks of many dental practices, with 59% of professionals willingly leaving their positions.

While you might think that some of these professionals might re-enter the field now that the pandemic is being managed a little more effectively, the odds are not in your favor. Especially since 24% of them simply retired as a result of the pandemic.

This shortage of dental hygienists has made it extremely difficult to find active professionals, let alone near your practice. This shortage has necessitated a widened net to encompass more of the U.S. so that you can find professionals for your practice a little more easily.

What Are You Looking For?

Another issue with finding local dental hygienists is that you are simply hiring what is available rather than what you need.

The available talent might not have the experience or skill you need to fill the positions available in your practice. This is where using a recruiting or staffing service like Peak Performers can really shine as an alternative since you can use specific qualifications to fill specific roles.

Suppose you need a dental hygienist with a specific amount of experience to fill the void of a longtime employee lost in the midst of the pandemic. In that case, a staffing agency can vet all suitable candidates who have the potential to work in your practice. The best part is that the boundaries of states are not necessarily an obstacle either if they are the sort willing to relocate.

You are hoping to employ a dental hygienist with an associate degree and a minimum of two years of experience. Rather than conducting a local search on your own and hoping you’ll find someone with those qualifications, a Peak staffing agent will do a broad search and offer potential hires wherever they might be.

Wrapping Up

Searching for a new hygienist is never easy since the talent is not always out there. When it comes to dental staff, this is especially true thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic putting a great deal of fear in dental professionals across the country. Fortunately, as we recover, the chance to bolster your staff with qualified hygienists rises. But this can still be a challenge if you are having trouble finding those professionals near you.

If you need assistance to hire qualified dental hygienists, contact us at Peak. We excel at finding qualified talent with the skills you need. So, contact us today and help your practice reach its Peak.

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