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10 Tips to Train a Successful Dental Office Receptionist 

Dental Office Receptionist

Do you know the impact your dental office receptionist can have on your practice?  

A receptionist is often your patients’ first, second, and last point of contact. From making appointments to lobby greetings to scheduling follow-ups, your patients’ experiences are significantly altered by their interactions with your receptionist. As your practice’s first impression, a dental office receptionist can make or break a new business.   

Whether you’re looking for a new receptionist or training your current staff, Peak Performers has the tricks and tips to help your administrative team make the most out of every interaction.  

1) Smile!  

Whether speaking on the phone or face-to-face, smiling plays a big role in making your patients feel welcomed. Smiling affects a person’s tone, puts off a friendly demeanor, and increases mood-enhancing hormones. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

2) Have a Notepad Ready  

Receptionists receive many calls throughout the day and need to relay a lot of information to your team. Provide your dental office receptionist with a message pad that indicates the details they should be asking for when they’re on the phone with a patient. This will help improve efficiency and accuracy when a call comes in. 

3) Confirm the Details 

Writing details down in a message pad is helpful, but your receptionist should always paraphrase their notes to the patient to confirm they wrote down the correct information. Receptionists should read back the specifics of the appointment and ensure the telephone number, email, and address is correct. Reading back their information will give your patients the confidence that the receptionist will accurately relay their messages and needs. 

4) Answer the Phone Promptly  

While a dental office receptionist has many duties, their primary goal is to answer the phone. A good rule of thumb is to answer by the third ring. Promptness provides a better customer service experience and makes your patients feel prioritized and valued.  

5) Refer to People by Their Name  

Encourage your receptionist to use a patient’s first name when possible. Addressing someone by their name is an easy and personable way to engage with patients. 

6) Avoid Saying “I Don’t Know”  

Patients will ask your dental office receptionist questions they won’t know the answer to. This is okay! But, it’s important to train your administrative staff on how to respond to these questions. For example, instead of using the phrase, “I don’t know,” have your receptionist use phrases like, “Let me find out for you,” or “I’d be happy to look into that.” By phrasing it in one of these two ways, your patients will feel more confident that they’ll receive thoughtful answers to their questions. 

7) Always Be Polite  

This may be a given, but empower your dental office receptionist to be friendly and polite to everyone who calls or comes into the office. Using the simple words “Please,” and “Thank You” can go a long way in enhancing your patient’s experience with your practice. 

8) Take a Moment to Decompress  

A receptionist’s job can be stressful and overwhelming at times, so it’s nice to let your team know it’s alright to take a moment to themselves to decompress. Even the act of taking a deep breath before answering a call can be the ticket to providing a positive experience for the caller. 

9) Actively Listen  

Being an active listener is a key skill to have for any receptionist. If patients need to repeat themselves or feel the receptionist isn’t being attentive, it can lead to a negative experience before they even set foot into the office. Not only does active listening help make the patient feel valued, but it also makes your receptionist’s job a whole lot easier when taking notes. 

10) Ask About Scheduling an Appointment  

The final piece of advice we have is to have your receptionist ask patients when they’d like to make an appointment. Whether a current or prospective patient is calling, always give them the option to schedule an appointment with you. 

Looking for a Dental Office Receptionist?  

Your receptionist is the face of your practice, so we understand wanting to find qualified and personable talent to take on this critical role! At Peak Performers, we can help you find administrative support ready to provide great experiences, build long-lasting relationships, and bring in new business to drive revenue growth. Contact our team today to take your dental practice to the next level. 

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