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What the Late-Pandemic Return to The Dentist Means for Dentistry in Michigan

Dental jobs in Michigan

If you’re seeking dental jobs in Michigan, here’s why it’s prime time to act!

It’s an unprecedented time for Michigan dental professionals who are looking for work. A poll from the ADA Health Policy Institute found 35.8% of dental practices are recruiting dental assistants, 28.8% are seeking dental hygienists, 26.5% are looking to hire administrative staff and 13.1% are in search of associate dentists — all four percentages representing an upsurge in recruitment since October 2020.

So, if you’re looking for a dental job, recruiters and dental practices are in hot pursuit of your skills and experience! We’ll explore some reasons why, so stay tuned to see what’s causing the upsurge in dental careers.

2 Reasons for the Trend

Back in the spring of 2020, dental practices in Michigan and around the country closed abruptly for every service but emergency care. That left many people in desperate need to see a dentist for two or more years. And even when practices slowly reopened, individuals were hesitant to go to a specialist who was required to be maskless and mere inches from their face.

Dr. Gerhard Konrad Seeberger, president of FDI World Dental Federation, stated some harsh words for the last two years: “Let’s call it for what it is—a dental disaster. Restrictions have certainly played a part in oral health hesitancy, but they don’t tell the whole story.”

Increased social isolation caused many to skip the twice-per-day cadence for brushing and flossing. So small issues like surface-level cavities often morphed into more complex problems like gum disease or abscesses.

Oral Care Is in High Demand

As a result, it’s no surprise that skipping a few checkups yielded more cavities and poor oral hygiene. This fact, paired with the sheer number of people returning to the dentist, made recruiting dental specialists more pressing than ever.

Another trend to watch involves the rise in demand for orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry, even for those with mild cases of misalignment and discoloration. Experts predict this uptick follows the last two years of “Zoom Effect,” where people had to stare at their faces on a screen for longer than ever to get through their virtual workdays. People who once might have ignored minor flaws in their teeth are now running to orthodontists and cosmetic dentists for straighter, whiter smiles.

The Great Resignation Hits Dentistry

Whether you call it the “Great Resignation,” “The Great Quit,” or something else, the economic trend of resignations has greatly impacted dental jobs here in Michigan. The resurgence of patients arrived at the worst time imaginable, just as scores of dental professionals were leaving their jobs, sometimes leaving the field entirely.

As more people flooded into dental practices, workloads for staff increased as peers turned in their resignations. So, now, dental practices are looking for people to either backfill those roles or hire additional staff to meet increased demands. This hasn’t stopped pay raises or competitive pay in the field, as 40% of dental professionals received a pay bump in the last two years, and salaries for new hires have adjusted accordingly.

Are You Looking for Work in Dentistry in Michigan? Start Here!

Almost half of dental practices state that hiring issues are the top barrier to fulfilling patient needs. Are you a job seeker looking for your next dental assignment? If so, browse our jobs or join our talent pool. We’re happy to consider you for one of our many open jobs or contracts.

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