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Read This Before Attending Another Job Fair

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Job Fair_Blog - Peak Performers

Job fairs are an excellent opportunity for jobseekers. They offer the chance to interact directly with employers and get insight into what exactly they are looking for in an employee. However, if you have never been to a job fair before, you might be wondering how to prepare for one.

Job fairs can be a somewhat stressful experience depending on how long it has been since you have found employment. However, these events do not need to be stressful as, with the correct preparation, you can be organized and ready for any potential employer’s interview process.

1: Print Résumés

A simple first step for any job fair is to brush up your résumé and print multiple copies in advance. It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to bring a résumé with them to a job fair. The way job fairs tend to work is that there are many kiosks set up for different companies seeking employees. These jobs can range from anything like sales representatives to hardware installation.

Due to the number of kiosks, you can encounter many companies and many different opportunities. Providing all of these kiosks with your résumé will simplify the process for you immensely.

2: Research the Employers

In many cases, job fairs will provide a list of the employers that will be attending the event. For those fairs that provide this information, it is in your best interest to pre-emptively investigate the companies. For example, if you look into who is vying for employees at a job fair, you can understand how they align with your values.

Researching companies helps you get a better idea of the benefits they offer, what their leadership looks like, and gives you the opportunity to discover any bad reviews they may have on Glassdoor. This practice ensures you are not about to offer your time and skill to a company that will undervalue you and your talents. You can never go wrong by looking into a potential employer.

3: Dress Appropriately

Even though a job fair is not strictly considered a job interview, you should always treat them as such. To this end, you should dress for the occasion. Maintaining a professional appearance will make you a more appealing prospect to the hiring managers at the job fair and increase your chances of getting the job.

Ideally, it would be best to stick to classic professional attire such as a suit and tie combination. 

4: Follow Up

A common mistake made by many job fair attendees is not following up after meeting a potential employer. Going to the job fair will be an excellent way to introduce yourself and familiarize yourself with your potential future employer. However, you should not allow long periods of silence between the fair and the next step of the hiring process to pass for positions that genuinely interest you.

After the job fair, contact the human resources representative you spoke with via email to reinforce your interest and to thank them for the opportunity. Alternatively, you can even call them and leave a voicemail to thank them for their time. This practice helps to improve the image the potential employers have of you and broadcasts your enthusiasm.

Wrapping Up

Job fairs serve as a meet and greet opportunity to seek out employment. In the era of COVID-19, employment rates saw a devastating hit, and these fairs are packed with eager businesses who are hoping to run into promising new candidates. If you follow these tips, you will find your experience to be far more effective, and you might even walk away with a brand-new job that day. If you are looking for further opportunities, get in touch with Peak Performers today!



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