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3 Reasons Why You May be Waiting After an Interview

Waiting after interview

No Need to Panic: Here’s Why It Seems They’ve Gone Silent

We all know the feeling: You’ve spent two hours interviewing with a great employer. You wore your snazziest suit, answered all their questions impressively, and closed the interview strongly with confidence that you made some great connections. Now, you’re waiting to see how the employer thinks the interview went. 
By now, you’ve had a couple days to weigh the pros and cons and analyze – and even overanalyze the success and opportunities of your interview. Did it run too short? Did your interviewer give you any clues that you might get the job? What did that sly comment at the very end mean? Why won’t they send an update? 
After more days pass, you’re tired of being left to wonder. And while this can be a very frustrating place for applicants, it’s not a reason to panic. Keep reading for three reassuring reasons you may be waiting and our most helpful tips for waiting effectively post-interview.

The Company No Longer Needs to Fill The Position

This is one of the most frustrating reasons job seekers may be left waiting after an interview. But it’s important to know that this reason has nothing to do with your performance or expertise.  
Sometimes hiring managers fail to get appropriate buy-in from those closest to the company budget. They might attempt to hire someone with ten years of experience (Let’s say that’s you!) instead of someone more mid-level with five or six years in the field. You might come with a significantly higher price tag, and the company decides they can’t spare the extra $25,000 investment in your annual salary.  

Many companies also decline to fill positions when someone already employed by that company assumes the responsibilities, in whole or part. Sometimes, this looks like internal hire, where one individual takes on the posted job, but often, it’s when the responsibilities are distributed among one or more current employees.

Holiday Seasons Hold Up Decision Making

American workers’ vacation habits once followed a pattern – two weeks during the summer. But recently, our vacations have become more sporadic. So, while it’s undoubtedly inconvenient for applicants, your long wait post-interview could be the result of a decision-maker who has “gone fishing.” 

Vacations and conflicting schedules could prolong an employer’s ability to make decisions for new hires throughout the year. But certain times have been proven to have slower hiring periods. 

For example, the winter holiday season from November to December involves not only paid holidays but many people taking advantage of accrued, unused time. Similarly, plenty of people are going out of town during the summer months 

Alternately, the fastest hiring seasons fall between late January and May, and the momentum picks up again in September and October.

Job Offers Take Time to Prepare

Remember how you thought the interview went well? Chances are that your intuition is on the mark. Though most interviewed candidates expect an offer within five days of the interview, as many as 40% of recruiters spend more than two weeks on the interview process, and only 25% of them said they hired someone in two weeks or less. 
It takes time to put together a great offer, especially in this market, where employers know that candidates are likely interviewing for other positions, some of which might pay more and offer more competitive benefits. So, they might be taking extra time reviewing their budget and determining the maximum amounts they can afford.

General Reminders

According to recent studies by Indeed, the interview-to-hire process takes between 3 to 4 weeks, so a few days between each step ultimately doesn’t signify much. But we know that doesn’t make the wait any easier.  
Our expert team of recruiters can ease the job search process by showing you offers that match your skillset and preference and keeping you up to date with the client’s feedback.  
Often, the difference between those who move quickly through the interview-to-hire process and those who don’t come down working with a recruiter. So, if you’re tired of waiting after an interview, give us a call. We are here to help! Contact Peak Performers and get some movement in your job search.

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