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Michigan Dental Practices Are Partnering with Peak Performers for Their Dental Staffing Needs

Michigan Dental Practices Partnering with Peak Performers

Dental staffing can be as painful as the cavities you fix. A study from the ADA found that more than 80% of dental practices have a challenging time recruiting. At Peak Performers, we’re working hard to alleviate this issue for dental offices operating out of Michigan. Our team aims to provide top-tier dental professionals so you can focus on what you do best: bringing pearly white smiles to your patients’ faces. There are several reasons why Michigan practices partner with us to locate their next top performers. 

There Is Less Risk

You are always taking a risk when you hire a new employee, regardless of how intensely you might have vetted them. Résumés only offer so much insight, and it can be harder still to find someone who fits all the criteria you have established. The process used to find candidates involves many steps that you might not be able to dedicate the resources or time to implement. It can be time-consuming to find the right search area, come up with the right questions, interview every candidate, and screen them.

By opting for our dental staffing services, you enjoy access to a fully fleshed-out process dedicated to finding the talent you need with the criteria you require. Since locating, vetting, and placing candidates is our specialty, we have a refined hiring process to weed out candidates that will not be a good fit. 

The Costs of Bad Hires Can Pile Up

Hiring the wrong person costs you both short and long term, which we help our clients avoid. Harris Interactive compiled a survey about the monetary costs that poor hires can wreak upon a business. The survey found that 41% of companies experienced losses of at least $25,000 while another 25% said the financial drain spiked beyond $50,000. Those kinds of costs are not something to scoff at and only serve as the tip of the iceberg of what bad hires can end up taking from you.

Since our dental staffing services can eliminate this financial risk, many practices have turned to us for their hiring needs. Our team vets each candidate on their behalf and only sends the most qualified to our clients. Our goal is to ensure each of our clients’ new hires is a great fit and provides as much value as possible.

Poor Hires Can Cost Time, Too

The Harris survey not only covered the financial aspect of hiring the wrong person but also the indirect ways they drained valuable resources from a company. For example, when you take on a new employee, you invest time in the search and training. If you need to part ways with a poor hire, that time is lost permanently, and you are forced to start the process again. According to Harris, 40% of companies lost time on the actual recruitment process and the training they provided.

This lost time directly impacts productivity. Dental practices can maintain their standard without losing time on new hires that are not good fits with the assistance of a dedicated specialist from Peak Performers. This way, they can concentrate their training efforts on top talent.

Our Dental Staffing Services Take the Risk, Cost, and Time Out of Hiring

Our team at Peak Performers works to place only the most qualified dental professionals for practices in need of their talents. When you opt for our dental staffing services, we do all the work finding the best placement for your open roles so you can save time, money, and risk. So, rather than let the hiring process slow you down, contact Peak Performers today to locate your next dental hire.

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