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A Deep Dive into Working Interviews for Dental Practices

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Running a dental practice comes with many challenges, roadblocks, and unforeseen mishaps. Though there is no shortage of expert advice on what makes a good practice, the one thing that isn’t discussed as often is how to make your dental practice stand out from the competition. The key to success in any business environment is conveying your “worth” and how you can help people achieve their goals and solve their problems. An essential factor in providing dental clients value is having an “A-Team” of dental professionals. To have that “A-Team,” dental practices often conduct working interviews to ensure the staff that they hire are capable, professional, and compatible with company culture.

What Is a Working Interview?

Working interviews allow candidates to observe and perform in a work environment similar to the position they are applying for. They are an excellent way for employers to evaluate candidates on how they will handle themselves and their interactions with patients, co-workers, and managers. In addition, it allows the candidate and employer to see if they will fit into the culture of the practice.

Requirements for a Working Interview

A working interview should include a typical interview dynamic but with the added element of having the candidate work a regular day in the practice. During this interview, the candidate should perform the tasks and responsibilities within the job description they applied for while the appropriate personnel observes. 

This process shouldn’t be daunting for the interviewee but rather an informative experience – remember they’re also evaluating if this is an environment they’d envision themselves working in! This job interview is two-way, meaning it should be a dialogue between the candidate and the employer. 

Here are some basic expectations that can help set a framework for this type of interview:

  • Ensure a safe and engaging working environment.
  • Document any licenses that are required for the work they will be performing.
  • Follow HIPAA regulations.
  • Determine if the candidate is eligible for U.S. employment.
  • Have them sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Pay them for their time and work as you would a regular employee.

Note: it’s also critical for dental practices to pay the candidate for their time and work. It’s illegal not to pay the candidate or pay them “under the table.” 

The Benefits of Using Working Interviews

Working interviews are cost-effective for employers to determine if the candidate is the right fit for their open role. This type of interview provides real-time feedback about how the candidate will perform on the job. It also allows both candidates and employers to discover whether the job description accurately represents the work that you would require of them.

Additionally, employers can get a better sense of the candidate’s personality throughout the workday. This can prove helpful to employers as they decide if the candidate is a good fit and if they will be able to maintain good relationships with their co-workers and clients. Candidates can also see their daily duties and responsibilities first-hand, allowing them to decide if it’s the right opportunity.

The Challenges with Working Interviews

Working interviews aren’t foolproof, however. They require additional time, resources, and personnel that may not be available for dental practices. This type of interview often takes a long time to set up and involves multiple personnel in the office to facilitate properly. 

Additionally, not all candidates will thrive in this type of interview environment. Remember that candidates may be nervous and anxious, which can lead to mistakes or acting out of character. This is why having a formal interview is also helpful to get a complete picture of your candidate’s skill, expertise, and personality.

Looking to Find Quality Dental Professionals?

The success of working interviews depends entirely on the amount of time and effort given. This can be a lot of work for small dental practices that may not have the resources available to them. 

If your dental practice is seeking dental professionals, then our team at Peak Performers can help. Our staff provides the best candidate experience possible. We have a team of dedicated professionals who can help your practice with every step of the hiring process. So, contact us today to find your next top performer.

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