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Why Work With a Dental Staffing Firm? Find 5 Candidate Perks.

If you’re a job seeker looking for a career, here’s why we suggest working with a dental staffing firm. Read more here.
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Looking for a Dentistry Role? We Suggest Partnering With a Staffing Agency Tailored to Your Industry.

At Peak Performers, we have built a dental staffing firm that empowers careers with every person we match with fulfilling work in this industry. We’re committed to growing our expertise in dentistry’s top practices, from building Michigan’s largest network of dental talent to consulting in management and helping clinics successfully transition their services. 

We’re proud to be industry specific because we can better speak to the needs of our clinics and dental candidates. But you still might wonder – why collaborate with a dental staffing firm when there are so many big-name general agencies around Michigan? We’re confident that we can answer that here, so keep reading.  

What Is a Dental Staffing Firm, and Who Do We Hire?

Simply put, our dental staffing firm is a dedicated source for dentistry professionals to find work, and for clinic owners to find the best employees in their field. As Michigan’s demand for high-quality dental professionals increases, and with it, the demand for dentistry jobs, partnering with a niche staffing team gives you a competitive advantage.  

Job seekers, for starters, can feel overwhelmed by their options in a strong dentistry job market. We’re well positioned to assist them in identifying a position that would be a positive fit for their skillset and personality, often drastically shortening their job search time and improving outcomes at their new roles.  

So, who do we look for – and does that include you? Peak Performers always seeks top candidates across a variety of dentistry fields, including pediatric dentistry. However, our search also comprises the key roles behind a dental clinic’s success – dental hygienists and office administrative professionals, like dental receptionists. For a sampling of some of our job openings now, we have so many to choose from: registered dental hygienists in Livingston, Macomb, and Ann Arbor; associate dentists in East Lansing; and DDS or DMDs needed in Grand Rapids, The Upper Peninsula, Brighton, and so many other Michigan cities.

5 Reasons a Relationship with a Dental Staffing Agency Benefits You

1) We speak your language 

In dentistry, our strength lies in shared connections, especially when you team up with someone who understands not only your core responsibilities but the language that comes with it. As a job seeker, you want to ask in-depth questions and get a specific, thoughtful reply – not a canned response.

2) We filter jobs based on your needs 

What are your needs? Do you have any dealbreakers when job searching for dentistry roles? Once we know those, we’ll filter our search through that lens, instead of calling you every day with jobs that don’t match your needs like location or salary requirements.

3) Potentially faster hiring process because we have access to managers 

If it’s all about who you know, you’re in luck when collaborating with one of our recruiters. Consulting us about what your dream role entails often connects some dots for us – and we’re likely to know just the right person. We’ll also know of some of the “nice to haves” they haven’t included on the resume – giving you a strong edge if you meet those criteria.

4) Unbiased info about going pay and benefits in available roles 

We have the facts at our disposal: we’ve seen what the market demands versus supply, what various Michigan areas’ average salary range is per position, and what the typical benefits package looks like per clinic size. This information lets us make more informed, objective suggestions to guide your job search, a much-needed support during a potentially stressful, emotional process.

5) A network that’s growing day by day 

Even if you’re searching for contract jobs, the relationships you build at work matter. We’ll make every effort to match you to hiring managers and companies that we feel you’d make a lasting contribution to no matter your job assignment.

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At Peak Performers, we can help you find your next short – or long-term role, where you can build sustainable experience and lasting relationships. Contact our team today to see what’s next in your career. 

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